Saturday, October 13, 2012

**UPDATE** Another Young Woman Vanishes in New Hampshire

Authorities are currently searching eastern New Hampshire for missing college student, Elizabeth Marriott, who vanished last Tuesday.

From the Boston Herald:

A commuter student and marine biology major at the University of New Hampshire, Marriott was last heard from at 8:55 p.m., when she told a friend in the Bay State she was heading to another friend’s house in Dover after class,
Sad end to this one. The body of Lizzie Marriott was recovered earlier today.

29 year old Seth Mazzaglia has been charged with the murder of Lizzie Marriott. Seth is an aspiring fim actor who knew Marriott from college.

Earlier reports that Lizzie's body was found appear not to be factual. There is an ongoing search for her remains.

The Boston Herald has updated their covereage here.


  1. She is known to be dead. A 29-year-old suspect has been arrested:

  2. Where do you see the body was found? According to Google the search is still ongoing

  3. The chances that this case is somehow related to Maura's disappearance is close to zero.

  4. Rest in peace Lizzie.

    Back to Maura, could it be possible that Maura had a secret boyfriend in the New Hampshire area, a police officer, and she would use her calling cards to contact him? Being a police officer, he would be able to dictate to her how to cover things up, and what not to do. I vaguely remember reading about a NH state trooper who stopped by the scene of the accident, but it was never known if he was dispatched or showed up on his own accord. Not saying it is this particular person, but it was just an idea.

    I remember reading in previous articles that Maura divided her time off from UMassAmherst during winter break, spending some of it with Billy's family, some with her own family..and then some of it up in NH. I never have been able to find in any article online who she was with in NH.

    I do find this case extremely odd. It's been over 8 years and no leads at all. No dog walkers, hikers, adventurous children, hunters have found any of her personal items or bones.

    One other thing I wanted to point out, one of your previous posts you noted that Maura had a brief relationship with a track coach. The same coach goes on to say that come to find out, Maura had actually slept with quite a few of the men on the track team. Most girls I knew growing up, did similar things like this for attention. I also read in previous websites that some people in her hall said she had an eating disorder. Well, most people i knew growing up who had eating disorders did it for attention. Could she have run away for attention also. I guess if that's the case..then she is getting a lot of attention.

  5. Back to Maura, is there any way the police could have checked the rag in the tailpipe for fingerprints.

    Another thing, I wonder what direction the towing truck, police cars etc., etc. were traveling to get to Maura's car. If we don't know east or west, then how would Maura now? I can see this being a motive to her accepting a ride from a passerby. I don't see hiding in the woods or off road as an option, since there was never any footprints found.

  6. Hey James,

    I've read in your previous posts how you haven't encountered too many friendly people in your travels to NH, where Maura was last seen. I was just wondering, with the PI's who have been working on her case these past few years.. if they too have experienced any kind of harassment. From what I get of that area, it seems like most of these folks don't like anyone mentioning her name.. maybe I am mistaken..that's just a gist i get from this.

  7. Has no one noticed how much Elizabeth Marriott looks like Maura Murray? Seth Mazzaglia is the same age as Maura.

  8. James,

    How has Maura not been found yet? Can you let everyone know what type of information (from officials) is being withheld from the public?

  9. Maura was on probation for credit card fraud and she it was possible that she had been involved in a hit an run accident the last week-end her where abouts where known. She packed all her things away in the dorm room and returned belongings to friends like she was never coming back. This is text-book behavior of a person who is thinking suicide. Take it from someone whose spouse took his life. Things where packed away just like Maura did. She may have jumped into a body of water. Also the people who live in the area she went missing probably don't want to be known for such a sad situation.

  10. From the start my take has been that this case was a roadside abduction case.
    Your findings here with all these great facts tells me a completely different story.

    I believe its pretty clear Maura got into a car with someone she knew and "walked away" willingly. After that- we have no idea. She could have been a victim of a criminal act just as she could be alive and well starting somewhere anew.

    Her behavior... the trouble she was about to be in... all point to walkaway.